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Frequently Asked Questions:
Why can't I apply my full credit available?
We have found that using internet explorer works best with our site and security settings. If you are having any issues applying the full credit or any other issues with our site. Please close out of your browser and open internet explorer when using our site. 

If you still having issues after doing so please call our office at 1-877-456-3835

problems usually occur when using Google Chrome and Firefox with our website. 
How do I get a fixed senior/ veteran/ first responder discount applied to my account?
We will apply a $5.00 fixed discount on your online account with proof of credentials. You can email us this proof at:  pj@fuelcellpetrol.com 

-For seniors: please email copy of Drivers Licence (age 65+ qualify).
-For veterans & active military: please email copy of current military ID or Veterans Card.

-For Fire, EMS and police: please call us at 1-877-456-3835.
How do I become Fuel Cell BUCK$ rewards club member? What do I recieve being a member?
ITs EASY!!  When you place an order on our website you automatically become a Fuel Cell BUCK$ rewards club member.  By being a member you recieve points based on how many gallons you buy.  The points = $$ which means $$ off future orders when you redeem them through the online order process.
Does Fuel Cell Petrol offer same day delivery if your tank is empty?
For an extra fee of $30.00 Fuel Cell Petrol will bring your fuel same day.  The reason for the extra charge is we may have to reroute our truck(s) and/or refill the truck(s) to accomodate you for same day delivery.  

What if I run out of oil during non-business hours?

Fuel Cell Petrol offers after hours emergency delivery to existing customers only.  We will bring you 20 gallons of diesel fuel and restart the furnace if needed.  This service is ONLY intended to get you through the night or weekend until we can get a truck out to you for the full delivery.

Please call 1-877-456-3835 and follow the prompts to get in touch with an on-call staff member for emergency after hours fuel delivery.  

This service costs $200(cost of fuel + delivery fee)  due at the time of emergency delivery.  COD ONLY!!

Why do I save 3 cents by ordering my fuel online?
By ordering online it saves our staff time on the phone to take your order for delivery and payment.  So we pass that savings down to the customer!   

Please always  keep in mind Never CC and/or Debit card fee for online orders. 

Order from any mobile device 24/7/365!
How does the customer referral program work in Fuel Cell BUCK$?
Its SIMPLE!!!!  Just follow the following steps and you and your friend will recive 50 extra Fuel Cell Buck points to use on a future order.

  1. First,  click the MY ACCOUNT tab at the top right hand corner of the home page and click the refer-a-friend phrase.
  2. Enter your friends name and email address in the proper boxes.
  3. Your friend will then receive an email with a link to register an account.  **THEY MUST USE THIS EMAILED LINK TO REGISTER AND THEN PLACE AN ORDER FOR FUEL FOR THE POINTS TO TAKE AFFECT FOR BOTH PARTIES.
  4. Once the fuel order using the link that was sent by the friend to register.  The friend & referer will each receive 50 Fuel Cell Buck points to be applied to a future fuel order!  
How do I choose "FILL" my tank on the online order?
Unfortunately you cannot chose a "FILL" option on the online order form.  If you would like to "FILL" your tank you would need to chose a gallon amount close to what would need to fill.

For example, if you have a 275g tank and your below 1/4 level chose 250 g (cannot fit 275g in a 275g tank; fuel & tank need room for air and expansion of fuel)

If you do not take the full amount of gallons you ordered Fuel Cell Petrol will email/contact you 24 hours after the delivery with your options of refund which would also include keeping the balance on your account for future orders!
Where do I find promotion & discount codes?
Want to find promotional discounts to apply to online orders ??

Wan to win FREE prizes/giveaways?

Follow our facebook page: fuel cell petrol, twittter account@oilforless), Instagram account: fuel cell petrol!

We do giveaways monthly or sometimes 2 times per month so stay tuned to them!!
Do you offer any active discounts all year long?
Yes we do!!!! 
  • All seniors, veterans & active military recieve a $5 off per order.  (Min. 150 g order)
Are you saving me money by selling poor quality fuel?
No way!  All the fuel we buy, sell and deliver comes from SAME terminals all the other local fuel companies pick up at.
Does Fuel Cell Petrol offer automatic delivery?
Yes We do!!  

There be no charge for this service and we will even give you the online price for being a loyal customer and not shopping price with other companies!!

To become part of the automatic delivery program we need to first do the following:

  • If you are a new customer you will need to place (3) orders for delivery over the course of the heating season (Nov-April) by either phone/online so we can identify your oil consumption in your home.  **If you have been an existing customer and have had at least 3 orders with us disregard this since we already have a history of usage for your account.
  • Once these 3 fuel orders/deliveries have been completed please call in and simply ask to be put on the automatic delivery schedule.  At that time we will ask if you some addtional questions about your home.  eg. Do you use oil to heat hot water in your home?
  • Fuel Cell Petrol will then ask for a valid CC/DEBIT card to be kept on file to charge at the time we make the delivery.  **Fuel Cell Petrol will call ahead 1 day prior to making the fuel delivery.  Once the delivery is made Fuel Cell Petrol will charge your CC/DEBIT card accordingly.
How many gallons of oil will I use in a month? A year?
A typical round number of gallons for mid- winter use during the three frigid months of December, January and February will be about 100 gallons per month (about 3 gallons per day).  The other nine months of the year will use about the same heating dollars as the three coldest winter months.
How is Fuel Cell Petrol better than my existing fuel company?
Fuel Cell Petrol is a family owned company and we live in the same communities as our customers.  Our goal is provide the very best fuel oil service and the absolute lowest price we can offer because we would want the same performance from a local family business.
Do we offer Diesel/Heating Oil treatment?
Yes we do!

This treatment prevents gelling/waxing of fuel in cold weather and enables fuel to burn more efficiently. It also breaks down sludge build-up in your tank. If this is something that you would like when we deliver, then please let us know! 

Visit the services tab on this page for more information on additives.
What if my furnace breaks when it is 0 degrees outside?
Great question! What good will saving money on fuel oil do if no one can come and fix my broken furnace. Our solution to this is we have partnered with a local, reliable HVAC service only company called Services United. Please contact them today for pricing and service details!

Fuel Cell Petrol, Inc. is no way affiliated with Services United Co.

What if my furnace needs to be primed and started?
Fuel Cell Petrol will start and prime your furnace free of charge when we come to delivery your fuel.  However, because our drivers are not trained in furnace service they only know the basics of resarting/priming a furnace.  In circumstances the driver cannot get the furnace started you may have to contact a furnace service company.  Fuel Cell Petrol recommends Services United

Fuel Cell Petrol, Inc is in no way affililated with Services United Co.
How can I check my oil level in my tank if my gauge is not working, broken and or missing?

Simply click on the YOU TUBE icon on the home page of this website and there you will find a video which will take you step by step and how to do this if your gauge is not working correctly and/or missing. 

After watching the video return to this FAQ to find the different tank sizes below.  Simply click on the sizes below to see a chart which will traslate your inches to gallons in your tank.  **MUST KNOW TANK SIZE TO GET ACCURATE READING!!!

vertical or upright 275 g tank

horizontal or flat 275 g tank

500 g tank

550 g tank

1000 g tank

2000 g tank

How much will it cost me to heat my house?
.Energy prices vary daily.  As a result,  every year is likely to be different.  Even in recent years of so called “peak oil” use prices have gone down as well as up.  According to 2009 statistics typical houses in the Philadelphia Metro area will use $900 to $2400 per year for heating,  taking into consideration all types of heating sources and of course the prices.  A well- maintained oil heat system can save versus the average.  It pays to keep your heating system maintained.
Is oil heat safe?
Yes, oil heat is very safe.  Many say it may be considered the safest type of heat because it will not explode nor will it get so hot as to catch anything on fire.  Yet oil heat is the warmest heat coming out of a heat vent.  Thus it warms your home quickly, safely and cost effectively.
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